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Book Review

Alan Wilkinson and Christopher Cocksworth
An Anglican Companion

Words from the heart of faith
ISBN 0-281-05359-6 (SPCK) 0-7151-3785-9 (CHP)
SPCK & CHP, London,1996 & 2001, £8.99

(price at publication of review)

Reviewed January 2002; © Copyright, The Society of Saint Francis, 2001

This slim volume, which first appeared in 1996 and which has now come in a new edition to be Common Worship inclusive, contains some gems of the life of prayer of the Church through the ages. It deliberately sets out to imitate the knap-sack book given to soldiers in the First World War, which could be dipped into when a moment for reflection was available. It is also clearly aimed at the newly-baptised and confirmed who are looking for a deepening of their prayer life whilst still wanting it to be uncomplicated and easy to understand (so that's all of us, then).

The book has four sections: first, we walk 'the way of Christ' with the key texts of the Summary of the Law, the Lord's Prayer, the Apostles' Creed and the Beatitudes. Next follows daily prayer for a two week period, each day themed to match up with Common Worship. Part three leads us through the changing scenes of life: these include beginnings, choices, work, love, contentment, sharing creation, pain, repentance, healing, bereavement and preparing for death. And finally we share 'in the company' of the life of the Church: its communality, teaching and worship.

The book ends with a brilliant little diagram explaining the Christian Year.

This wonderful publication makes an excellent present for anyone walking the Way with Christ to the Kingdom, be they new to the road or long-time travellers.

Tristam SSF


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