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The Lindisfarne Icon

by Helen Julian CSF

ISBN 1841013226


Published by Bible Reading Fellowship

August 2004 6.99


A review was published in franciscan, May 2005

Even today, 1300 years after his death, people come in pilgrimage to the tomb of St Cuthbert at Durham Cathedral.  This book explores how a relatively obscure seventh-century monk and bishop, who left nothing in writing and sought solitude on the edge of the Christian world, became one of England's most popular and influential saints for centuries afterwards.

His story is told in the context of the conflicts between Celtic and Anglo-Saxon traditions in the English Church, yet at the same time we learn how the life and example of this 'home grown' saint can speak to us still.  Cuthbert's gifts of prophecy, healing, evangelism and wise counsel, and his deep commitment to a life of prayer are of enduring importance for the continued spiritual growth and health of Christians of all times and places.




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