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Celebrating Midday Prayer

Celebrating Common Prayer

edited by Brother Tristam SSF

price 2.99

Prayer in the middle of the day has long been a part of the Christian tradition of daily prayer, and the desire to pause and worship God at a time when the busy-ness of life seems to be at its peak has been met by the enduring use of Psalm 119, perhaps the most meditative of the psalms.

The psalm was spread over the offices of Prime, Terce, Sext and None and recited in a day: it's dwelling on God's ordinances and the desire to comply with them is its repeating theme, constantly drawing the one praying back to an understanding of God and of God's love for us and hope in us. The psalms of ascent have been offered here as an alternative, and might be used at appropriate times and seasons.

One of the aims of the compilers of the full edition of Celebrating Common Prayer was to bring the daily prayer of the Church back to the people of God: not to take it away from clergy and religious, far from it, but to make it more easily accessible (in every sense of the word) to all worshipping Christians, whose rightful property it is.

It is with this in mind that this booklet has been produced; individuals or groups who wish to set aside a short time in the day, at a time suitable to them, will find here both psalms and readings to fix their prayer firmly in the tradition of daily prayer in the Church and also find hints in the readings and prayers which brings contemporary matters to mind. The danger with this latter provision is that such things quickly date, but if you find it so, don't let that be a hindrance or mar the process of prayer: the readings themselves are timeless meditations and stand in their own right; the essence is the offering to God in prayer.


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