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franciscan - September 2005

The Society of Saint Francis, 2005


Minister's Letter

Community Routes

Christian Hope in a Dark World

Faith, hope, love abide - teaches Paul; and the greatest is love.  Yet, for many in this year 2005 the most difficult is hope.  The world view propagated by the news media tempts us to despair.  The view is of a violent, terrible world in which populations starve or are otherwise murdered; in which violent crime pays and victims are left to suffer; in which torture is practised with impunity, and war is waged on women and children, old and young - anyone who gets in the way.

Our contributors work, or have worked, in dark places and have nonetheless found signs of hope, the hope which with faith and love helps us to find God's truth in God's world.  Can they share that with us?


A Hermit in the City - Catherine Joy CSF

The Light Shines in the Darkness and the Darkness has never Extinguished it - David Jardine SSF

Torture: A Moral Contagion - Chas Raws

Ontario to Islamabad - Thomas Anthony SSF

Signs of Hope - Alison Tyler


SSF and Cambridge

Book Reviews

Soft Blows the Wind On Foot to Walsingham - Father Jimmy Collins

Saints on Earth: A Biographical Companion to Common Worship - John H Darch and Stuart K Burns

Trevor Huddleston - Turbulent Priest -  Piers McGrandle

Common Worship Psalms and Canticles, simply pointed for singing - Br Reginald SSF

God has a Dream - Desmond Tutu

Fare Well In Christ - WH Vanstone

God and Caesar Personal Reflections on Politics and Religion - Shirley Williams

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