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franciscan - September 2004

© The Society of Saint Francis, 2004


Minister's Letter: Brother Daniel SSF, Minister General of the First Order Brothers
Community Routes

Science and Faith

Theology was once called the Queen of the Sciences but it is science in the more familiar sense of the word which seems to be given much greater authority in our present day culture.  So what is it like today to hold together a passion for science with a living Christian faith?  In this edition of franciscan three physicists and a clinical psychologist look from their very different perspectives at the questions that interest them in the interaction between science and faith, and share something of their enthusiasm for both.

Theme Prayer


Seeing with two Eyes by John Polkinghorne

Galaxies, Goldilocks and Little Green Men by Desmond Alban SSF

The Canticle of the Creatures: a Basis for a Spirituality of Matter for Today by Hilary Pearson

The Human Capacity for Religion by Fraser Watts

Stepney -Then and Now


Book Reviews


Anglicanism: The Answer to Modernity - Duncan Dormor, Jack McDonald, and Jeremy Caddick (Editors)

What Anglicans Believe in the Twenty-First Century - David L. Edwards

Doors into Prayer: An Invitation - Emilie Griffin

Multi-Faith Britain: An experiment in worship - David A. Hart

Smiles of God: The flowers of St Thérèse of Lisieux - Felicity Leng

Worship - Keith J. Pecklers

Literary Companion to the Lectionary: Readings Throughout the Year - Mark Pryce

Literary Companion for Festivals: Readings for Commemorations Throughout the Year - Mark Pryce

Quiet Spaces - Prayer Interludes for Busy Women - Patricia Wilson




Julian by Michaela OSC

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