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franciscan - January 2002

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The Labyrinth at General Chapter was walked by several brothers and sisters during the Quiet Evening. It can symbolize the spiritual journey with God at the centre, the centre of all life, and emphasize the frequent necessity to change direction or about-face. The distinction between a maze and a labyrinth is that, in the former, there are dead-ends, whereas in the latter the paths will always lead the walker to the centre; and back again.


Minister's Letter: Sister Joyce CSF, Minister Provincial of the European Province First Order Sisters
Community Routes

A Safe Stronghold

Is it a far cry from the destruction of the twin towers and the ensuing suffering and the shaking of the order of things to our faith in the God who is a strong tower to all who trust in him?
Events emphasize our need for that stable relationship in a world that is being shaken and so for all that strengthens that relationship, whether it be found in companionship along the Way, or in prayer and its nourishment in retreat.
Our authors approach these themes from different positions and help us to renew our trust in the one true God.

Theme Prayer


This great absence, by Revd Canon Martin Shaw
Soul friend or psychotherapist?, by Revd Prebendary John Hall-Matthews
Living life to the full, by Revd Rob Jones
Retreat from reality?, by Rowan Clare CSF

Book Reviews

Living the Eucharist Affirming Catholicism and the Liturgy - Stephen Conway (Editor)
A Dictionary of Religious Orders - Peter Day

Living the Gospel The Spirituality of St Francis and St Clare - Helen Julian CSF

Workday Prayers On-the-job meditations for tending your soul - Timothy Jones

God's Lovers in an Age of Anxiety The Medieval English Mystics - Joan M. Nuth

Traffic in Truth Exchanges between Science and Theology - John Polkinghorne

Sing a New Song: The Christian Vocation - Timothy Radcliffe OP

An Anglican Companion Words from the heart of faith - Alan Wilkinson and Christopher Cocksworth


Brother Aidan SSF,

Brother Paul SSF

Sister Veronica CSF.

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