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franciscan - September 1999

© The Society of Saint Francis, 1999


The Minister's Letter, by Brother Daniel, Minister General SSF
Community Routes

Faith Zone

Does the flat spread of the Millennium Dome mean inclusivity? It will be fascinating to see what is in the Faith Zone. This franciscan seeks insights from a selection of spiritualities: the Navajo Indians (‘no word for religion in our lifestyle’), complementary therapies (‘tap into universal energy’), the international addiction-recovery programme (‘however we name God, we need the higher power’). This is a small but wide selection.
Christian spirituality seems distant to most people around, and maybe particularly to men. Nor is it always obvious in our Churches. There is good news recorded from one parish and our lead article invites us to see ourselves as others see us. Wouldn’t it be great if millennium Christians were wide, but not flat, faithful but not exclusive.

Theme Prayer


An historical moment?, by Martin Wroe
In beauty we walk - The spirituality of the Navajo Indians by Sister Pamela Clare CSF
African Christians, by Brother Nolan Tobias SSF
Complementary Therapies, by Jo Smith Oliver
The Twelve Steps, by Sally Martin
Men: the Challenge of Change, by James Lawrence
Spirituality in the congregation, by Graham Piper.

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Sister Gabriel CSF, RIP

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