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franciscan - May 1998

© The Society of Saint Francis, 1998


The Ministers’ Letter, by Brother Damian SSF, Sister Joyce CSF, Carolin Clapperton TSSF & Sister Paula OSC
Community Routes

God with us

‘Preach the Gospel by all means,’ said St Francis, ‘if necessary, use words.’ So in this issue of franciscan we look across the spectrum of ways of communicating God to others. Some depend very much on words – Pat Heap reflects on her experience as a religious programmes producer for local radio, brothers and sisters write about preaching, and God is found to be alive and well on the Internet. For Father John Kitchen, ‘the witness of life is more eloquent than that of words.’ And Michael Perham looks at how liturgy communicates God to the worshipper.

Theme Prayer


Taking the Walls off the Church, by Pat Heap
Communicating God through Liturgy, by Michael Perham
The Ministry of the Word, by Sisters CSF and Brothers SSF
The Witness of Life, by John Kitchen
God on the Internet , by Michael Hagger SFO

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