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Authors of articles, poems and obituaries published in franciscan

All articles are © Copyright, The Society of Saint Francis, and further permission to reproduce them might be required from the individual author.

If so desirous of publishing, please contact the Editor of franciscan and request permission, with the understanding that permission may be delayed or withheld in light of the above caveat. If a formally written reply is likely to be required, rather than e-mail, please write to The Editor at 113, Gillott Road, Birmingham B16 0ET, and enclose a stamped-addressed envelope.

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Alistair SSF, Money, taboo & magic, September 1994

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Joy CSF, Creative response, January 1990

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Michael SSF, Why They Left, January 1997

Moyra CSF, Learning teaching, January 1993
Moyra CSF, First Impressions (of Freeland), January 1993

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Sagovsky, Nicholas, The Immigration and Asylum Act (2002): What is won't do, January 2003

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Samuel SSF, Why, January 1997

Samuel SSF, Hilfield, May 2002

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Silas SSF, Images of Community, January 1995
Silas SSF, Loved into Shape, May 1996
Silas SSF, When the stranger is your brother, May 1997

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Slee Nicola, Praying like a woman, May 2005

Smith Oliver, Jo, Complementary Therapies, September 1999

Stanton, Helen, Nature is the New Poor, May 2003

Sue CSF, Hospitality: to strangers and friends, May 1997

Sue CSF 'The Best Kept Secret'? January 2005

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Sweet, John, Judgement in the Revelation of St John, May 2004

Taylor, John V, The mission of God in the world & the Church, September 1993

(Tastard) Terry SSF, Instruments of Peace, January 1989
Tastard, Terry, Peace & violence, May 1993

Tetley, Joy Dawn, Servant Ministry, A New Testament Perspective, September 1995

Thomas Anthony SSF, Ontario to Islamabad, September 2005

Thomas of Celano, Francis's Bethlehem, January 2001

Thomas Carey SSF, American fireworks, January 1993

Thomas SSF, Franciscans in the Midst of Empire, January 2004

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Thompson, Ian, Faithfulness and Responsibility: towards a theology of human sexuality, May 2001

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Tolstoy, Margie, Reconciliation, January 1998

Townroe, John, The Practice of Penitence, January 1999

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Tristam SSF Church and State, January 2000

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Frost, Thelma, Before retreat, May 1990
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Michaela CSCl, Communion, January 1992
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Rosemary CHN, Mary to Elizabeth, May 2001

Scott, David, The Surplice, September 1990

Thomas Carey SSF, Poem, May 1993

Vodden, Clifford David, (low IQ, ? schizophrenic), September 1993

Waldram, Ruth, The burning tree, May 1992

OBITUARIES in order of the departed

Damian SSF Aidan SSF, January 2002

Anselm SSF, Alban SSF, September 1989

Elizabeth CSF Alison Mary CSF May 2003

Elizabeth CSF, Angela Mary CSF, September 1998

Hilary CSF, Barbara CSF, January 1999

Anonymous, Barnabas SSF, January 1992

Damian SSF, Cecil SSF, January 1996

Michael SSF, David SSF, September 1994

Samuel SSF David Stephen SSF January 2004

Michael SSF, Denis SSF, May 1990

Anonymous, Desmond SSF, January 1993

Victor SSF, Frederick SSF, September 1990

Anonymous, Eastaugh, John, Bishop, (Bishop Protector) May 1990

Damian SSF, Edgar SSF, September 1995

Gwenfryd Mary CSF, Gabriel CSF, May 1999

Damian SSF, Gordon SSF, January 2000

Damian SSF, Goodrich, Philip, Bishop (Bishop Protector) May 2001

Damian SSF, Harry SSF, May 2000

David Jardine SSF, Hubert SSF September 2003

Anselm SSF, Ian SSF, May 1991

Peter SSF, John Nicholas SSF, January 1994

Samuel SSF, Justin SSF, May 1996

Anonymous, Kenneth SSF, January 1992

Anselm SSF, Lawrence (Christopher) SSF, January 1990

Elizabeth CSF, Leonore CSF, September 1997

Elizabeth CSF, Mary Francis CSF, January 1994

Damian SSF Michael SSF May 2004

Anonymous, Patrick SSF, May 1992

Damian SSF, Paul SSF, January 2002

Ieuan Lloyd, Ramon SSF, September 2000

Anonymous, Richard SSF, May 1992

Benedict SSF, Robbie Asaph SSF, January 1999

Samuel SSF, Thaddæus SSF, May 1995

Jude SSF, Timothy SSF, January 1994

Samuel SSF, Tristam SSF May 2003

Elizabeth SSF Veronica CSF January 2002


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